Team MVP and Camp Awards

Cincinnati Reds Fantasy Camp on January 22, 2016 at Reds Development Complex in Goodyear, Arizona. (Mike Janes/Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame)

Billings MVP & Gold Glove Award- Marc McCullough


Cincinnati Reds Fantasy Camp on January 22, 2016 at Reds Development Complex in Goodyear, Arizona. (Mike Janes/Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame)

Pensacola MVP- Larry Hall


Reds Fantasy Camp







Sarasota MVP- Randy Meeker


Cincinnati Reds Fantasy Camp on January 22, 2016 at Reds Development Complex in Goodyear, Arizona. (Mike Janes/Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame)

Louisville MVP- Kyle Gehring


Reds Fantasy Camp







Tampa MVP- Nick Benge


Reds Fantasy Camp







 Chattanooga MVP- Stan Defehr


Reds Fantasy Camp







Plant City MVP- David Parsley


Reds Fantasy Camp







Indianapolis MVP & Tony Perez Award- David Meranus


Reds Fantasy Camp







Daytona MVP- Will Adkins


Reds Fantasy Camp







Dayton MVP- Steve Bitzer


Reds Fantasy Camp







Cincinnati MVP- & Joe Nuxhall Award- Doug Price


Reds Fantasy Camp







Goodyear MVP – Phil Deaton


Reds Fantasy Camp







Trainers Award- Robert Napier


Reds Fantasy Camp







Joe Morgan Award- Steven Balzer



Players v Pros


It is Friday and that means 3 innings with the Pros. Each team will play the Pros for 3 innings. The Championship team crowned Thursday night will start off the day against the Pros. The Pros have lost one time in all these years. The pressure is now on the Pros to continue their winning ways.

This is the fun part of the week. You get up to the plate to face Tom Browning, Danny Graves or Joe Price. You can see if Herm Winningham or Billy Hatcher will make the outfield catch as you hit a high fly or maybe see if Ron Oester or Doug Flynn can turn two for the double play.




The Championship Game is in the Books for 2016

The Championship game was played under the lights for the second year in a row at the Reds Development Complex on Thursday evening. It was Cincinnati vs Dayton.

Cincinnati was coached by Ron Oester and Glenn Braggs. While the Dayton team was coached by Ron Robinson and Billy Hatcher.

Cincinnati’s starting pitcher, Doug Price had Mike Goldshot, a veteran camper attending for his 25th year catching for Doug. Dayton goes up by 2-0.

At the top of 4, Dayton brings in Big Gig Franklin to pitch. Goldshot with bases loaded gets a hit and brings in a run. At the bottom of 4 it was now 4-2 in favor of Cincinnati.

Tom Brown helped his team in the 5th by driving in a run. Les Murray singles to make it 6-2 for Cincinnati with bases loaded. Jim Etherton is hit by a pitch forcing a run in with one out to make it 7-2.

Dayton makes a pitching change bringing in Bitzer who strikes out two and ends the inning. Moving on to the top of the 6th, Dayton retired the side. In the top of the 7th, Dayton tried to catch up with 5 runs down. Doug Price pitching for Cincinnati, had one on base and no outs. Then it came down to 2 on and one out with Dayton hanging in there. It just wasn’t enough as Doug Price got the last out leaving 2 on base as Cincinnati got the 7-2 win.

Reds Fantasy Camp

It is Championship Thursday!

The playoff brackets were settled on Wednesday. The final four will be playing in the morning to determine which teams get to play under the lights tonight for the Championship game and trophy.

Match games will also be played on Thursday. Match games are games that were set up for teams to have the opportunity to play the team they may have not played yet. All teams will be scheduled a game during each session. These games will be completed prior to the grill out.

Last year was the first year that the Championship game was played under the lights at the Reds Development Complex.  The other teams will be finished for the season and will take over as the fans in the stands instead of the players on the field.




 The semifinals start tomorrow at 10am!  Our final four are:

                      Cincinnati (4) vs Daytona (1)                  

                      Indianapolis (3) vs Dayton (2)  


Tuesday/Wednesday Ropes


GOLD ROPE: Karl Gittelman for Pitching an outstanding game

BROWN ROPE: C J May for his master plan of tiring out the opposing team at the fire pit Monday night, which backfired


GOLD ROPE: Jerry Kraus Complete game pitching for the W and had 1 RBI

BROWN ROPE: Jeff Carr for doubting his Coaching staff’s instruction